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Review of Mid and Down Stream Petroleum Regulation in Kenya

KTL is undertaking a review of Mid and downstream Petroleum regulations for purposes of operationalization of the enacted Petroleum Act 2019, the assignment was awarded to KTL by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining (MoPM) under  Kenya Petroleum Technical Assistance Project (KEPTAP). KTL has completed reviews on existing Petroleum regulation and has also completed drafting of appropriate subsidiary regulations to enable operationalization of Petroleum Act 2019,During the assignment KTL engaged Key Petroleum industry stakeholders and has completed drafting Regulatory Impact Statements for revised draft regulations.

KTL in consultation with EPRA has scheduled for Stakeholders workshops in Nairobi Region, Coastal Region, Mount Kenya Region and Rift Valley region. This will give a chance for final inputs by stakeholders to be considered in the Final draft regulation for updates and forwarding of the final draft regulations to the Ministry and the Cabinet Secretary.