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KEPTAP EHS Risk Assessment for Energy Sector in Kenya

KTL is undertaking an Environmental, Health and safety risk assessment in the Energy sector in Kenya, the assignment was awarded to KTL by EPRA. The objective of the assignment is for KTL to carefully examine in the energy sector i.e. (Petroleum, Electricity and Renewable Energy) hazards that could damage property , cause harm to Persons working in the sector , the Public and the Environment, KTL to assess whether adequate precautions have been put in place to prevent harm.

The exercise involves :-

  • Planning and mobilization; Identification of EHS hazards;
  • Determination of who, what might be harmed;  
  • Evaluation of Risk, Precautions and solutions;
  • Develop recording and reporting tools and Templates; Develop Mechanisms for lessons learned;
  • Develop mechanisms for major incident escalations;