Safety and Healthy Training

Kurrent Technologies provides a variety of specialized training courses especially on Health Safety and  Environment. In Kenya, the company is licensed by the Directorate of Safety and Health Services (DOSHS) and the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) under the ministry of Labour as a training services provider.

Kurrent Technologies Ltd. is licensed by the IADC in the USA as an accredited HSE Training Services Provider for the Upstream Oil and Gas Sector.

Our Worldwide TapRooT® Training Experience

The Chief Operating Officer of our company, Mr. Sanjay Gandhi is a worldwide Contract Instructor for TapRooT®, a problem solving system developed in the USA. Mr. Gandhi has assisted Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction companies based in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and USA to deploy the TapRooT® system through 5-day and 2-day training courses.

Some of Our Work Portfolio

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