HSE Auditing

An integrated HSE audit is a methodical examination of HSE information about an organization, a facility, or a site to verify whether or not, or to what extent they conform to a specified audit criteria. The criteria may be based on local, national or international HSE standards, national laws and regulations, internal management system specifications, and corporate standards or guidelines of organizations.

  • In carrying out HSE audits, Kurrent Technologies Ltd. initially verifies the customer’s compliance with the in-country HSE related laws and regulations and accepted international standards.
  • Subsequently the firm examines the significant environmental risks such as chemical use, waste management, risk of soil and groundwater contamination and, fire and explosion risks.
  • The firm then examines the health and safety aspects and impacts of a Customer’s operations on both their employees and the local community in which they operate.
  • The firm then assesses the adequacy of the Customer’s internal controls, management procedures and practices for dealing with the HSE issues at hand.
  • The firm generates a final audit report for the client which is used for onward transmission to the regulatory authorities or for in-company follow up.
  • Finally the firm follows up with the Customer to ensure that corrective actions are implemented as recommended in the final audit report.