Contractor Safety Management

How do you ensure contractors are complying with the law? What are the legal safety requirements with regards to work place design and modification? This course answers all these questions and more. From contractor assessment forms at the tender stage, assessing safety systems through to inductions, onsite inspections, evaluation, work place design. This course gives practical solutions to some potentially difficult and costly problems.

General Objective

Gain an understanding of how employers and contractors have a responsibility to ensure work is performed safely and according to the health and safety legislation of their relevant jurisdiction.

Target Group

Contractors or subcontractors, project managers, procurement managers, health and safety practitioners, locomotive drivers

Course Duration

2 days

Course Content

  • Principles of Environment, Health and Safety
  • Contractor safety program
  • Risk assessment and Management
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Permit to work system


Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of contractor OHS management obligation
  • Develop a systematic approach to managing directors
  • Effective management of contractor OHS risks
  • Practical systems for managing directors