Emergency Response Management

This course provides participants with a basic understanding of the preparations needed so that emergencies don’t translate into disasters in terms of worker and public health as well as causing serious economic impact. The many components of emergency preparedness plans are explored, including the involvement of Joint Health and Safety Committees in the development and implementation process.

 General Objective

To equip participants with general concepts and structure of emergency management

Target Group

Emergency Response Teams (ERT), Emergency Management Team (EMT), Installation Managers, Installation Superintendents and other staff having potential for making critical decisions during the Emergency Lifecycle.

Course Duration

3 days

Course Content

  • Emergency Management concepts and principles
  • Emergency Management structure and organizational responsibilities
  • Prevention & Preparedness
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Information Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Emergency Relief and Recovery


Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will understand:
  • Roles and responsibilities of designated team members
  • Importance of pro-active measures and activities during pre-crisis
  • Escalation and incident management; notification
  • Damage assessment and plan activation

Transiting from emergency response to business recovery-resumption