EHS Environmental Management System

This course introduces the concept of EHS as an integral part of the management system of a company. Participants will learn about good EHS practice and its relationship to business strategy and other management functions of the company, what this means for managing risk in internal operations and relationships with suppliers, and how to influence EHS management practices in their company. The course emphasizes the importance of EHS culture with both management and employee involvement, and how to keep a company sustainable from an EHS perspective.

General Objective

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge related to the concepts of an effective EHS management system and the key elements required for successful implementation.

Target Group

Managers, Senior Officers, Engineers, Maintenance Staff, Contractors.

Course Duration

5 Days

Course Content

  • HSE principles and management
  • Compliance and other requirements (OSHA, EMCA, EIA/EA regulations)
  • HSE management planning programs
  • HSE training
  • HSE implementation and operation
  • HSE measuring systems
  • HSE Auditing
  • Shape and improve the safety culture of the organization


Learning Outcomes

  • Successfully apply the principle elements of a HSE management system in the workplace
  • Identify people in the work place who each have responsibilities for HSE management, and the characteristics of a successful management style
  • Understand and use the key tools associated with risk assessment and monitoring, such as risk assessments, safety cases and HSE monitoring tools
  • Shape and improve the safety culture of the organization