Management of Change

Recognizing change, analyzing the risk of each change, and handling small changes efficiently are just some of the barriers that managers face with MOC implementation. The 1½-day course explores proven strategies for implementing a workable MOC system and customized approaches to fit your company’s culture.

General Objective

To provide useful insight to all those involved in the implementation of the Management of Change for all day to day operational aspects with respect to best practices.

Target Group

Managers, Supervisors and EHS Practitioners

Course Duration

1½ days

Course Content

  • Management of Change Concept
  • Changes to procedures, equipment and personnel
  • Consequences of Change
  • Management of Change Process
  • Risk & Training elements of Management of Change
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Documentation of management of Change process and follow up
  • Management of Change Procedures
  • Ongoing Monitoring of Changes
  • Communications on Change Management
  • Successful change management


Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise classic pitfalls and have methods of avoiding them
  • Employ a variety of strategies to effectively manage change whilst maintaining performance level.