Solid and Liquid Waste Management

This course will provide a practical and step-by-step guidance to sustainable Effluent and Waste Management Plan for the company.This course will also sensitize participants on ensuring their organisation meets its legal obligations, particularly those with responsibility for the production, transport, handling, treatment and disposal of solid and liquid wastes.

General Objective

To understand the impact of waste to the environment
To identify ways and means of minimizing waste output to the environment.
To be aware of how effective waste handling improves health, sanitation and safety in the work place and community


Target Group

Maintenance Staff and Supervisors

Course Duration

2 days

Course Content

  • Introduction to waste management
  • Sources of waste at work
  • Types of wastes
  • Waste hierarchy
  • Impact of waste on health, safety and environment (EHS)
  • Current waste management practices
  • Sustainable and non-sustainable waste management practices
  • Waste management legislation in Kenya
  • Best Environment Practices in Waste Management
  • Principles of Duty of Care
  • Employer and Employee Responsibility in handling, moving and storage of waste
  • Key stages in waste audit


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the necessity for undertaking a waste minimization program.
  • Be competent in planning and implementing an internal waste minimization program.